Monday, January 03, 2005


Officer injured after woman driving SUV broadsides squad car

Officer Nick Krupa was running with his lights and sirens on when he came to the intersection of Cartwright and Meadow Creek. An SUV broadsided his cruiser, which then flipped and hit a vehicle in oncoming traffic.

The patrol car ended up on its roof, but Officer Krupa walked away from the crash. His fellow officers credit a seat belt with protecting Krupa.

I agree that everyone you mention on this site is a terrible driver and deserves whatever humiliation is coming to her. However, men cause just as many, if not more, traffic accidents as women, and I don't think it's fair to perpetuate the stereotype that women, as a whole, are bad drivers, because it's sexist and not true. Sorry for the rant, I don't mean it to sound harsh for fem-nazi-ish. Just my opinion...
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