Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Assclown of the Day/Week/Century Woman in SUV in LA

(thanks to ted for the pointer)

I feel sorry for the denizens of Los Angeles, one of America's greatest cities. Not only do they have to deal with horrendous traffic, but they also seem to have too many bad drivers in SUVs. Of course they come in all genders but a lot of them, based on wire reports, blogs, and personal experience, happen to be women.

Take this report from blogger iriggs:

brand new BWM SUV with dealer plates flies up on the left with no blinker on. I'm fuckin amazed that she's there, but then i realize that she's on her cell phone. She can't turn on her blinker, cause she would have to take the phone away from her left ear. I'm figuring that she's also driving on the shoulder, cause she has no clue that the lane she was in was an exit lane. So this is where it gets funny. She is slowing down, honking, and swerving directly into the side of my car like she's going to make the lane change into my driver's side door. She slams on her brakes, (still no signal) swerves and cuts off the guy behind me, drops behind me, gets directly on my rear bumper, and starts to give me the finger.

Camera is already sitting on my seat

The blogger managed to take a classic photo which you must view on the website in question (link below)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this face could be the mascot of this site. I go to great pains to explain that this is not a sexist thing, but a power issue. Look at this woman: fake lips, no hands on the wheel, huge heavy sunglasses on, talking on a cel phone. Meanwhile she's driving like a crazy person during peak work hours. Hmm why is she in such a hurry? To get to her botox doc? Readers of this website, this is the face of the enemy. This SUV is a lethal weapon on the hand of an unstable megalomaniac.


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