Friday, June 09, 2006


Surpise, Surprise: Paris Hilton Slams SUV Into Honda

What a surprise: America's poster girl for idiots drives an SUV-- and she crashes it into innocent Hondas, and then flees the scene. Woman+SUV+Idiocy= Danger for average citizens.

Paris Hilton had a fender-bender accident when her Range Rover backed into a car in a parking garage after a shopping trip, her publicist said Friday.

Hilton backed into a parked Honda Civic on Thursday. A videotape on the Web site showed Hilton getting into the car, saying goodbye to someone and backing up. The sound of a crash followed.

The video showed scrapes on the bumpers of both vehicles.

The Range Rover stopped briefly then continued on toward the exit of the parking structure. indicated Hilton failed to leave contact information for the Honda's owner and thus may have violated laws against hit-and-run. Her publicist denied that.


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